modelsMuch of the aesthetic beauty of the Prairie Arbour Estates is in the natural settings both surrounding and weaving throughout the subdivision. However, with natural, untouched wetlands being one of the many features within phase one, finding a way to develop homes around the perimeter of these areas without having a negative effect on the land needed some careful consideration. Consultants were retained to provide the environmental expertise required for this site from a scientific perspective in order to assess the wetlands area.

Anytime a development takes place near a coulee or a drop off, the land must be tested to ensure proper stability for each lot.  A geo-technician has been involved right from the outline plan of Prairie Arbour to assess the site conditions and determine the state of the soil. Prairie Arbour is designed and graded to drain internally through a series of drainage swales and catch basins. This system ensures all surface water is managed, to eliminate run off to the coulees. This allows the homeowners to maintain a luscious back lawn, with beautiful landscaping, while still enjoying the amazing natural view Prairie Arbour has to offer.

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright became inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century and began to reflect the genre’s simplistic rectilinear and angular designs throughout his stain glass works and eventually into his architecture. Out of the Arts and Crafts movement came the Prairie School style of architecture, which Wright helped to make famous.

One of the most recognizable characteristics of Prairie School architecture is its focus on the relevance of the building to the natural landscape surrounding it, meaning an expression of natural materials rather than hiding them behind paint and wallpaper. Wright very strongly believed a structure should look as if it naturally grew from the site itself. A concept was designed which announces the beauty of the entire community right from the entrance on to the last lot. A development like this in Lethbridge is unmatched and the theme gives it a really unique identity.